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Post by Alex Steiner on Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:10 pm

Earlier today I received a letter from UQ, advertising their "Thrive@UQ" program. Glancing through the colourful brochures, this caught my eye:

Participating in Thrive@UQ has its benefits, not only do you build necessary skills to succeed st UQ, but you can also earn prizes and a certificate that recognises your participation and the skills gained that will complement your CV.

Participate in:
  • 3 events/workshops = voucher from one of the food outlets on campus.
  • 6 events/workshops = Certificate of Participation, awarded by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) at the Thrive@UQ Awards night, to which you will be invited.
  • 8 or more events = variety of prizes for you as a UQ student.

What are they selling here? Is it really that hard to convince people to turn up they need to offer prizes? They seem to be trying too hard.

It really reminds me of late night infomercials.

I suppose that certificate will go nicely with my shakeweight and power bracelet...

Anyway, stick other Uni discussion here, if you like.

Or Something.
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