Residents Divided Game Thread (Endgame)

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Residents Divided Game Thread (Endgame) - Page 9 Empty Re: Residents Divided Game Thread (Endgame)

Post by If I Could Rewind on Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:01 pm

If I Could Rewind
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Residents Divided Game Thread (Endgame) - Page 9 Empty Re: Residents Divided Game Thread (Endgame)

Post by Supreme Overlord on Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:12 pm

Well darn. Once again I made very flawed assumptions - I thought Residents were a much more major mechanic, with only one core Town/Mafia members (maybe two Town). I think Eggs in particular (much like Alex in EMFH) got a pretty powerful role and utilised it to its maximum effectiveness, controlling the flow of information in the game. You'll see in the Mafia QT that he steered the N2 kill onto Sid - I don't know if killing a Townie would have saved the game for us, but it wouldn't have hurt. Same with lynching Darth Day 2.

Rewind and Reverse; why did you lynch Darth (although, as it happened, he was Mafia-supportive)?

I was kind of disappointed to see that the Town Council might have recruited me Night 1 ... and then failed to submit an action. I wonder if it would have been best for me to be lynched Day 1 and die Town-supportive.

So Personalities did nothing at all? What role would the Town recruit have gotten?

It was a fun game overall (all the new generation have been, which is encouraging). Day 2 and beyond when everyone was online was crazy fun.

I do think the Town was overpowered; a traitor is obscenely powerful on its own in a small game without time for a Mafia team to figure out things are going wrong - and gaining access to the Mafia nightkill effectively shut me down once Alex died. Two Masons in addition to that is frankly gamebreaking - although if you have arguments to the contrary, I'd like to hear them. Was there anything preventing Eggs from claiming Day 1 and everyone just lynching Alex? Yes, Alex was lynchproof and could only be taken out by the Backstab kill (or the Rebels', should they obtain one) - I think this is a good example of why two overpowered roles doesn't necessarily equal balance; and considering I'm interested in running an 'everyone is overpowered' game someday, it's something for me to be aware of.

Role PMs could be more clear. In particular I thought 'Pruning' was compulsory once the Mafia exceeded two members, and it's not clear whether it removes the target from the game or just the Mafia. It also wasn't clear what 'seen' meant, the Mafia at least assumed it was like being tracked, not vulnerable to being killed.

Let me end on a positive note. I think the game ran smoothly; vote counts, PM questions, and deadlines all went well, so good job there for Sid. I like the Resident roles, and I do think just a kernel of Mafia/Town recruiting would be interesting (with a greater chance of forming the Rebels, too). Much like the MS games, I like how the Mod role's abilities were all set up in advance (rather than winging it as my Mod roles have tended to be).

I probably have opinions on other stuff. If you're interested, ask, and I'll happily oblige; if not, onto the next!

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