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Fantastic Words...

Post by Alex Steiner on Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:33 am

I was helping my sister with her homework, as you do, and she asked me to help with her spelling. Being the intelligent individual that she is, she's in the top group. Now, those in the top group have to learn the so-called "Challenging words", and she wanted me to read them out while she wrote them down, because her older sister couldn't pronounce them. Intrigued, I agreed.

And so we began, starting with the "A"s. First came "accelerating", then "accidentally", then "accommodation". Skip a few, and we get to "acquainted", "annihilate" and "archaeology".

Not surprisingly, (it was her first go, she hadn't learnt them yet), my sister got 0/25, misspelling all of the "A"s and "B"s that we tried, from blasé (with accent) to belligerence, brusque to benevolent, baulk to beige.

I politely requested to borrow her sheet, she said "Wait until tomorrow night". That was yesterday. I've been going through her six-page spelling list, and I've had google open on a tab to look up some of them. Who knew "litigious" was a word?

So anyway, I've currently going through her list for my 20 fabulous words (that I probably won't use anyway). Ooh, ubiquitous. Aah, rancour. Of course, skulduggery.

I have scans if you want me to email the full list to you. It's quite amazing. She's 9.

Or Something.
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