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Post by Alex Steiner on Tue Aug 31, 2010 9:11 am


For those that haven't heard the story, in my abomination of a text I concluded thus:

The reason that rocketry and space exploration began to "take off" is because the chinese fireworks (which had kept them distracted for 1000+ years) had been one-upped by the nuclear bomb (which they dropped off and got back in time for tea). I also made several slurs aganst the French (hot air, only they would think to combine silk timber and fire etc etc).

I also used the phrase "cheap marsupial imitations" and named the famous 9/11 attacks as bad for airlines, but then moved on to the death of Concorde.

I also said that space travel was going the way of the 747, cheap and dirty over sleek and luxurious (like a Concorde).

Good day had by all.

Or Something.
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