What's new on Resplect?

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What's new on Resplect?

Post by Alex Steiner on Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:56 am

Now, with two mafia games coming to a close, school term ending, as well as a number of new things starting up, I thought I'd list a few things.

Go watch the epic conclusion of the two mafia games, 2.0 and Reverse Simplicity's.

New game of chequers in fun and games, just copy and paste from my first post to start your own.

Signups for a few larger games are open, The Rebellion, Alex's Main Marathon are mine, as well as a few others.

The dwarf fortress thread is open, with a planned succession game about to begin. Go have a look at that, there are some funny stories, and claim a dwarf. Even if youu don't feel like playing in our game, get your name in the founding 7 (along with skills of your choice). Even better, get yourself a copy and join in the Fun. Submissions for the name of the fort are welcome also.

Our overall membership has remained at 21 total, around 10 active regularly. As always, new members are welcome, so invite your friends (or family or poisonous reptiles). We now have 3600 posts total, mostly in mafia and fun and games.

Anything I've forgotten? If you want anything mentioned here, post below vv and I'll add it.

Or Something.
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