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Post by If I Could Rewind on Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:59 pm

Not sure if anyone here is into E-sports either casually or fanatically but I've been finding myself keeping up more and more with certain scenes as I play the games themselves less. Anyway I follow the League scene pretty heavily, well I follow NA and EU Lcs and LCK pretty heavily and dabble a bit in LPL and OCE. I also follow the counter strike scene in an on-off manner, mostly just catching up before majors and then watching most of each major. I also dabble slightly in the hearthstone pro scene but it's or at least seems extremely unstable to me so I don't really think I'll keep up with it.

Anyway just to get this thread started I might as well make some bold predictions and statements.
1. sOAZ is super overrated, he's talented but could be so much better if he just learned to not be an absolute idiot.
2. Skt will finish 3rd in LCK this split Shocked with ROX tigers first and Longzhu 2nd
3. Renegades will beat Immortals in their upcoming game with OHQ hard carrying so hard that he is picked up by a western pro team almost immediately.... Na jks but Ohq is actually nuts and I wouldn't be surprised for him to go crazy this game with cumbzz vison support and Remi and Alex helping him out.
4. An Oce team will manage to make it through the wildcard gauntlet and make it to worlds... I hope
1. Stewie2k will not be as dog shit on C9 as people think he will be, although I don't think he will be that great either... Just average.
2. The new Clg roster with Fugly will be the best team in NA or at least a close contender.
1. At some point in the future after some lucky rng in a high level game twitch chat will spam "Esports" this one is a super long shot but I thought I might as well include it Kappa

Might as well make upcoming LCS predictions as there's games tonight/ this morning and the two days after.
OG>EL (Zven is playing really well lately) 65/35
VIT>GIA (GIA could lose all games this split and i wouldn't be surprised) 90/10
G2>UOL (unless Djoko plays really well) 60/40
FNC>SPY (I Hope) 70/30
H2k>ROC (H2k is BY FAR the best team in EU) 85/15

Dig>TIP (This one could go either way tbh they're both middle of the pack teams but I think that Gate will drag TIP down)55/45
TSM>C9 (With Hai in the botlane I feel like TSM will win the side lanes hard unless rush can pull something insane from the jungle)70/30
NRG>TL (TL looks pretty un-coordinated right now and NRG is easily top 3 in NA
CLG>EF (No froggen = No hope for EchoFox)90/10
IMT>RNG (Really think this could be an upset in favour of RNG will leave a wall of text at the bottom of this post explaining why)60/40
TL>TIP (Piglet will go off and hard carry this with his super selfish style vs a broken TIP) 60/40
NRG>TSM (With individual talent being pretty equal I can't see TSM winning this unless they show some not yet seen co-ordination)60/40
C9>DIG (Jensen will beat shiptur in lane while rush bullies kerei around and Hai shot-calls his already winning team to victory) 70/30
IMT>EF (Once again No Froggen = No hope, however EF had almost no chance anyway) 99/1
CLG>RNG (another possible upset, however I think Darshan bodying RF will sway this match into CLG's favour despite Ohq's best efforts to hard carry) 65/35

The reason I think that RNG have a decent chance of taking the game off IMT despite me thinking that IMT are a far better team is simple. I really feel like RNG will be underestimated and Ohq getting super fed off a tilting wildturtle is a definite possibility due to Ohq being a better AD and having an agressive support in Remilia, combined with the fact that turtle is known for being over aggressive and throwing games. Another key point in this game will be Huni probably winning lane against RF, however similar to wildturtle Huni is known for over aggression, this coupled with the fact that crumbzz puts out amazing vision control to help his laners avoid ganks and his recent tendencies to semi-camp toplane mean that this over aggression from Huni might backfire or at least be blunted. This means that even though he will probably win lane against RF he won't be able to snowball his advantage. In the mid lane I feel like Alex will be able to go even with Pobelter and even if he's a bit behind I think he can be close enough to Pob that there isn't a large discrepancy in the mid lane. Meanwhile I really feel like Reignover is the weakest link on IMT, with the large skill and standing difference between the teams I think he might default to a non meta champion like olaf, hoping to statpad his KDA on said champion and maybe even style a bit on RNG. If he finds himself unable to do too much in the early game and falls behind due to crumbzz deep warding I feel like there's a large possibility that he might be relatively useless in this game. All this being said I still feel like IMT should win this match I just have a strong gut feeling that RNG will upset them and A raging man crush on Ohq as an amazing ADC player.

PS: watching LCK right now and COCO is so fucking Nuts, he may even be the best mid in the world right now, with Faker not playing up to his normal standard. Easily top 3 in my opinion

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E-Sports disscusion Empty Re: E-Sports disscusion

Post by The King of Eggs on Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:12 pm

Rocket League best league

Kronovi best Rocketeer

Kronovi wins all leagues

ذا كنت تستطيع قراءة هذا الخروج ثم يمارس الجنس ، تمزح فقط أخيه الله واحد صحيح.

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